Writing about writing all the time

I would have thought that, what with writing for pretty much the whole of my working day and then scribbling away earnestly in the evening, that the last thing I’d want to do is find another typing task for myself. But between the two very different types of writing I engage in on a day to day basis, there languishes a whole flood of words unsaid.

In the guise of copywriter many personal opinions have to be kept in check and I’ve found, kind of surprisingly (to me anyway), that that’s often the case when writing fiction too. I don’t want characters that take on all my bugbears; I want to create new ones for them!

But if that’s the case what am I meant to do with it all? Where are all the words to go? I needed to find a home for the rants – from diatribes about the news stories that make me want to smash my head against my desk to the more personal rejection-rants that remind me that my talents and opinions are as limited as they are. So here’s the new home, hopefully all the angry and previously unreleased words will be very happy here.

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