Maxim ain’t printing anymore

Well my day has been brightened by the news that Maxim will no longer be running a print edition in the UK. It might not have been the worst of the lad mags, but it was a popular one, and I have my fingers crossed some of the other trash-pushing culprits will follow suit (ladies trashy mags included here).

The mag is going online instead, which doesn’t bother me so much – you can find pretty much anything you want online after all. But the news goes to show that appetite is shifting away from the brash bawdiness of lads mags – I just hope it isn’t too much of an indicator of things to come across the print media board…

4 thoughts on “Maxim ain’t printing anymore

  1. It’s not actually that different, though, is it? The market’s still there, it’s just largely young enough to be more than comfortable with the transition from print to an online medium. Every day, leery gits will still log in and look at all the tits and crude remarks printed by this magazine, which wins because there are no costs for printing any more and yet a lucrative opportunity through online ads to make bags o’ cash.

    Also I hate you and wish you were dead. Though not as much as to wish you didn’t come back to life as a zombie.


    • Well, the fact that it can’t afford to remain a printed publication suggests to me that the market might be dwindling. And while it’s an icky thought that people can now log in to get their fill for nothing, when you think of all the crazy shit that you can access on the net free of charge it seems quite lame in comparison.

      Also, I won’t have to look at it’s sick-making front covers when I’m trying to buy chewing gum at the newsies.

      I feed on your hate, maybe it will fuel a burning desire to return form the dead.


    • you don’t know the kind chewing gum I buy!

      and that was the thing that bothered me about Maxim, they don’t even keep it on the top shelf.


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