Wolverine couldn’t stop the leak

Making a block buster doesn’t exactly come cheap, so it’s little wonder that recent years have seen studio execs and film councils cracking down on security. But a leak of practically the entire – albeit unfinished – X Men Origins: Wolverine online reminds everyone that no matter how hard you try to keep something secret, people can find a way to make it public if they really want to.

You can’t say that they aren’t taking the leak seriously though – apparently the FBI are going to be involved. But what impact will it have on the box office? The leaked version was apparently totally unfinished and missing loads of the CGI that no doubt plays a massive part in making the Wolverine film convincingly fantastical. And while there are plenty of films that don’t suffer much from being viewed on a small screen, even a computer monitor, I’m pretty sure this is the sort that is better seen at the cinema.

But some people are reporting that up to 75,000 people downloaded the film – that’s a lot of ticket money if they then decide not to bother trying out the finished product. I guess the amount of publicity this leak and the high profile attention its getting isn’t going to hurt so much though.

2 thoughts on “Wolverine couldn’t stop the leak

  1. Yeah, that leak is a pretty big deal – what, a whole month before cinema release?

    But I agree with you, this is one of those films that needs to be seen on the big screen, I reckon.


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