Google’s Twittering on a bit

So I pretty much use Google for something or other every day, at home as well as at work, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get a little nervous about its sheer clout. And when I saw rumours today that Google is in talks to acquire Twitter I can’t say I was surprised – a web success that Google isn’t interested in? you’ve got to be kidding – but if it goes ahead it’s just another strand on the giants web.

Just recently the UK got Street View, and while it’s pretty fun zooming right in until you can see your front door, it’s a little creepy. And loads of people are totally visible in the pics, no wonder so many folks have complained about their privacy being invaded.

And then there’s the fact that so many new internet apps and services are mobile these days – not only can you surf online, but social networks and blogging sites – Twitter included – are designed to make the most of the mobile platform. As are lots of new geo targeting services that are undeniably useful but kind of creepy too. Do you really want Google to not only know what kind of things you search for, the kinds of ads you click on but also where you are at any given time?

But I honestly can’t imagine how I’d research character and plot ideas without the ease of Google – we’re just so spoiled these days. Maybe I should get myself along to the library.

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