Shamed by Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle is all over the internet at the moment – YouTube in particular – and I’m just adding to the choir. The Scottish spinster wowed judges on Britain’s Got talent with a tremendous voice, one that they seemed to think was totally at odds with her imperfect looks.

And, I hate to admit it, but I might have suffered from the same quick-to-judge attitude. So not only did her performance make me feel a tiny bit teary (potentially very embarrassing seeing as I only saw it because it was playing in the pub where I was meeting up with two other – male – writers) but it also flooded me with guilt.

I hate hate hate it when I catch myself doing stuff like that. People don’t have to be pretty to be talented, of course I know it. Of course I deeply believe in and defend that fact. But I’m so conditioned and lazy that my first reaction aped that of the judges and audience members I despised.

Sometimes when I’m hating trying to write I remind myself that at least my ambition isn’t one that’s dependant on how soft my skin is, how good my teeth are or whether I’ve got perky tits. Let’s just hope that Susan’s sudden success doesn’t cause a serious backlash like so often seems to happen to unexpected stars – she certainly doesn’t seem to deserve it.

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