Ross boosts authors with Twitter book club

Sometimes all something needs is a celebrity name to it, a mere mention is like a flame to a fuse and suddenly it explodes in popularity. Think of the massive sway of the Oprah book club in the US and the UK’s version from Richard and Judy – a title on their recommended list and suddenly your sales go off the chart. So the news that Jonathan Ross, a huge Twitter fan, has launched a book club over the micro blogging service is pretty exciting stuff for the book world.

Found at #wossybookclub, he’s chosen Jon Ronson’s Men Who Stare at Goats as the first candidate prompting a swift rise up the charts for the book in question. According to it saw a 7,000 per cent increase in 24 hours! Nice work Ross.

Unsurprisingly Ronson sounds pretty pleased about the whole thing, undoubtedly Picador will be too. I wonder if Ross is soon to become the next celeb to suddenly become incredibly influential in book sales – despite being famous for something else entirely. If it gets people reading, then I’m certainly not one to complain.

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