Scribd leaps into ebook market

So now Scribd has realised the money making potential offered by ebooks and begun a service that will see customers able to buy content from its site.

This could prove great for authors and publishers – not only because they can earn up to 80 per cent on sales of their ebooks in a brand new venue, but also as this could prove a big step in tackling piracy before it’s properly taken hold.

As long as the things that people want are available, and the prices are fair, many folks are happy to pay for their newest ebook reads. And with Simon & Schuster and Random House on board, Scribd’s surely off to a strong start here.

2 thoughts on “Scribd leaps into ebook market

  1. so they’re finally getting legit? for a long time now, scribd used to be the ‘youtube of books’ – got there to find a dan brown novel, harry potter, etc. Nice move.


  2. totally – an unusually savvy move, but not all that unexpected in light of the Pirate Bay trial and complaints from J K Rowling etc. I hadn’t even realised that people were doing stuff like that with Scribd until a few months ago – I had it in my head that mainly otherwise unpublished stuff was appearing there. Some people are saying that if Scribd play it right they could end up with an iTunes of the book world – but surely Amazon has already tagged that market!


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