Salinger’s lawyers on the Catcher in the Rye sequel

It looks as though Salinger is set to make a move on the recently announced unofficial sequel to his masterpiece, Catcher in the Rye. The new book, penned by John David California and titled 60 Years Later Coming Through the Rye, has promoted Salinger’s literary agents to consult lawyers, according to

The funniest thing about the whole affair for me is this quote from California: “It’s like writing something about Jesus. It’s bound to get people to say something about it. I read something that people think it’s a fast track to getting a lot of attention for a book . . . but it isn’t that way. The book stands on its own – even though it’s ‘holding hands’ with The Catcher in the Rye it’s a vastly different story.”

Surprisingly he hasn’t quite managed to swing me and I’m still unimpressed with his endeavour. 😉

Some tastier literary news appeared today too – the makers of yummy Sweetheart sweets have launched a Forbidden Fruits line inscribed with messages inspired by the Twighlight series. Wouldn’t have been my first choice when there are so many literary greats out there that deserve to make it onto confectionary, but a nice idea anyway. Maybe they should run competitions – haikus for Lovehearts or something? 🙂

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