Edinburgh Book Festival and a little good news

The Edinburgh Book Festival programme is out – go look it over while it’s hot and grab tickets before the blue-haired brigade get in there first! Not that I’m one to judge, you can rest assured that if I make it to a venerable age – and manage it with any cash in my pocket – the book festival will be one of my top ports of call.

I’ve worked it once or twice, but this year I’ll be working elsewhere and don’t reckon I’ll manage to make it to many of the events. If I could though, Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman would be on my list for sure.

Sigh, sometimes having a ‘real job’ sucks – even if I am (technically) writing for a living. On the other hand, this week has left my smiling as I had an email from the editor of a literary magazine accepting one of my short stories yesterday. More details as soon as it’s signed and sealed. Was particularly good timing though, my spirits have been well and truly sagging of late. Now I am buoyant again and ready to start editing afresh.

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