Ambulance blocker sentenced

Sometimes people do stupid, awful things that make me want to roll my eyes. Other times they do stupid, awful things that make me want to smash them in the faces – even though I’ve not properly hit someone since I was around 7.

A 20 year old girl from Leicester was in the papers today as she was sentenced to five months in prison for blocking an ambulance. Don’t spare a second considering whether this could be overly harsh justice – according to reports the idiot laughed and made obscene gestures at the drivers. Meaning she was entirely aware of the gravity of the situation and chose to disregard the fact the siren was going.

The elderly patient in the ambulance subsequently died, although it seems not directly due to her actions. Nonetheless, this is even more depressing than the fact that bloody half of us apparently don’t know where our hearts are. Maybe that’s how this despicable child was able to behave so heartlessly?

I don’t know why I bother trying to make stuff up sometimes, when people are so ready to behave like the kind of characters I’d be ashamed to write.

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