Library book return better 46 years late than never

I can’t believe I missed this the other day. The Beeb reports that a man from Derby returned his library book 46 late, and avoided a £2,500 fine. The best part is that he didn’t even borrow the tome – Engineering Workshop Practise – for himself; he’d taken it out at the behest of his father.

The cunning gentleman took the book back during a book amnesty – a period where many libraries waive fees and invite patrons to give up the books they’ve been clinging on to. Although it seems pretty unlikely that the library would have enforced the official debt even if he hadn’t.

I’ve racked up some pretty good library fines in my time, especially when I turned 12 and was suddenly allowed to take out what seemed a massive number of books, but they look pitiful now. I should probably try harder.

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