Oxfam accused: ‘stop selling books’ bookshops plead

When it comes to charities that propagate good works and ethical businesses, you’d have to be pretty hard pushed to say anything negative about them. So the fact that a number of second hand booksellers and associations have come out with complaints about the way that Oxfam has cornered the secondhand book market just goes to show how desperate they must be feeling.

In an extremely interesting article in the Guardian, it’s revealed that the Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association has said that booksellers around the country are finding it nigh impossible to compete with the charity – which has 130 specialist bookshops to its name.

It’s a tough one to call, because who would like to tell a charity off for doing too well? But on the other hand, it’ll be sad days if we lose all our already extremely under threat, secondhand bookshops.

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