Improve sleeping methods online

Working with the net, I like to think that despite being generally quite rubbish with pop culture I at least manage to stay up to date with what’s happening on the tech radar. The thing is, an awful lot of these developments tend to sound more depressing than not to me.

Today made a nice change though, as I spied an article in the New York Times that reported the success of several treatments for insomnia online. They make use of cognitive behavioral therapy and significantly improved the sleeping habits of many sufferers in tests.

While it seems odd to engage in therapy over the net – and at worst makes me mentally compare them to agony-line type scams – I do think there’s plenty of merit to the idea, obliviously not in all cases and certainly not for a large number of disorders. I guess it’s a case of some help being better than none, and like Lawrence Epstein, an instructor at Harvard Medical School and medical director of Sleep HealthCenters in Boston told the NYT, if everyone with insomnia turned up ready to be treated the docs would be overwhelmed.

Nothing can, or really should, replace face to face interaction, but it’s always nice to see news about the net benefiting mental health rather than undermining it!

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