Government threatens net ban for illegal file sharers

It’s a problem plaguing executives and a boon benefiting those who want their media fast and free, but it seems that the government is still searching for ways to crack down on illegal file sharers. A report in the Guardian today says that the government has proposed new laws that could see persistent sharers cut off from their net connection – now that would really hit tech fans where it hurts.

Apparently the proposals also include giving the power to punish to ministers instead of regulator Ofcom in a bid to speed up the process. It’s a bit of an about-face for the folks in charge, as back in June the Digital Britain report said such measures were a step too far.

Now the government seem to think they are a step in the right direction, but what will all of the people who are happy share their ill-gotten gains think? Plenty of privacy groups are certain to complain but without a coherent campaign, their pleading may fall on deaf ears as the government hopes to placate the big businesses as well as creatives.

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