Finding (writing) encouragement where you can

Whether by choice or circumstance, writing tends to be a lonely pursuit. A pastime that is so solitary that many writers run the risk of disappearing into their own fantasies if they don’t find some way to drag themselves back to reality. That’s why I go to group, force friends to read things and offer my editing services up to all and sundry.

I also try and make sure I read at least one book about writing or writers every month or so, just to remind myself of two things. One) that I’m not alone and this is a great and wonderful thing and two) that I’m not alone and that means there’s nothing special about my own struggles with words.

This week I’m reading The Forest for the Trees by Besty Lerner, which I’m finding almost as entertaining and enjoyable as her blog. I especially liked her section on rejection – rejection is always my favourite topic ;). Although today I am happy as I’ve just had an acceptance confirmed. Now those are the best kinds of days!

5 thoughts on “Finding (writing) encouragement where you can

  1. That’s one thing I like about this whole blogging thing – the ability to connect with lots of people who are doing the same thing I am, struggling with words and scenes and translating images in their head to the page. I’m glad to have stumbled across your blog this morning, too! Congratulations on your short story acceptance!


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