Major book chains to refuse Jordan’s new book?

You have no idea how happy I am with the news that major book chains like Blackwells are reluctant to stock the fourth book from the one-woman tornado of pink disasters that is Jordan, aka Katie Price. Personal opinions of the star aside (this is necessary, as I have more of these than any one person needs) the sheer fact that she’s, what, under 30, and has three autobiographies already is enough to make anyone doubt her motives.

Another thing that makes me question the validity of her ‘books’, if another thing were needed, is the fact that she is all over the internet and constantly in the gossip mags, with her own column in one of them nonetheless. And with her never-ending reality TV series you can’t even assume that these autobiographies are going to reveal a secret side. A camera filming you melt down frequently and be rude to nearly everyone you meet does just fine when it comes to revealing a personality, thanks very much.

I know that plenty of people want to read celebrity bios in general and that they make the publishing industry a fair whack of cash (which can only be a good thing when the money can be ploughed into launching new authors and exciting fiction) but I can’t think of any circumstances where I’d be happy to see people buying the fourth biography in five years from the former glamour model.

3 thoughts on “Major book chains to refuse Jordan’s new book?

  1. Being a canine, I’m not big on following the human celeb scene closely. MY human is old and decrepit, but does “keep in touch” and he says the gal in question is NWWA. (Not Worth Worrying About) He also says you’re so correct about a person 30 writing autobios – they haven’t lived long enough to have a past. He says old folks like him shouldn’t write fantasy, sci-fi, or commentary on the young. They’ve lost much of the free thinking that youth possess. By the same token writing about life is the province of the older for they don’t have to guess what life is like, they’ve lived it. Come visit me at


    • ha, NWWA – like it!

      Who coined the famous phrase (that I can’t remember now) about old actors being able to play young characters as they’d once been young whereas young actors struggled to play elderly people?

      I wonder if the same thing holds true when it comes to fiction.


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