Swedish lesbian-only town? Gullible much?

I love this. It seems that Sweden has been forced to announce that a women-only town populated with lesbians does not exist on Swedish soil after a number of news outlets in China covered the fictitious town.

Xinhua and Harbin News news agencies claimed that Chako Paul City was built in the forests of northern Sweden back in 1820. Nice to see the women managed to find a way to reproduce without any men to, er, help (thanks for the disturbing alternative suggestions KT).

The Telegraph reports that the strange story may have been the result of a translation mix up but whatever happened to create this gaff it’s definitely my favourite fictional town of the year!

6 thoughts on “Swedish lesbian-only town? Gullible much?

  1. I just don’t get how they’d fall for it when it cannot physically be possible.

    Unless they have those sex slaves we mentioned earlier.

    And turn male babies into female babies with the, you know, winkie-pushing.

    And then when they’re lesbianing it up, you know, the male-ladies get a bit excited and, well, there’s more babies. That are, again, all female. 🙂


  2. Reminds me of a report that came out some years ago that the Chinese believed a story in the Onion that the dome of the Capitol building was going to made retractable.


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