Two creators, one relationship

Question: how do two creative people with two contrasting creative processes and opposing needs live and love in harmony.

Answer: with great difficulty. But it’s worth it.

In the perfect world we have plenty of time to devote to all the important things in our lives and nothing would get left behind or swept under the carpet – least of all the things that really matter. In the real one we struggle to work out how to make enough space or time for the things we think are important.

So what’s the actual answer? No idea. But if I had the choice I wouldn’t stop writing and I wouldn’t want him to either. So maybe we need a list of what matters to us so anything that comes up can be flung into a category and we can know that things are only as important as we make them. Or maybe we need to play to temperamental stereotypes less… *shrug* whatever, it’ll be fine.


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