UK writing award to improve literature standards announced

The slipping standards of the written word is a topic much lamented by wordsmiths the UK over, and now a new initiative to boost quality in literature hopes to turn the tide. The Guardian reports that the National Academy of Writing is launching an award that will reward ‘good writers’ and name and shame poor ones.

I can’t wait to see who makes which list, and for once am glad that there aren’t many people reading my writing, seeing as it means there’s no chance I’ll end up in the poor use of English category at least!

I think it’s a nice idea though; any awards that publicise and promote writing get a gold star in my book. But I’ll be interested to see the type of author they choose as exemplary is this day and age.

Reading the article I was reminding of one of my favourite columns in The Guardian, Writer’s Rooms. I think that has to be one of my ambitions, having a catalogue so popular that people are interested enough in my workspace for it to be awarded with a page in the newspaper. 🙂

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