New writers, the publisher’s risk

There has been a definite shift in publishing in recent years, no doubt precipitated by the dreary economic times we’re suffering. Unfortunately it often feels as though there are few, if any, winners in an industry that appears in flux.

It seems that everywhere you turn there are cries of doom and gloom concerning publishing, but it’s hardly a new state of panic. The state of literature has been contested for decades and yet there remains a steady stream of literary and challenging fiction as well as plenty of vicarious readers keen to tuck in.

The current problem for new writers, or people who have embarked on a writing career but haven’t made it big yet, is the fact that times are so uncertain that publishers are terrified of getting their fingers burnt. Who wouldn’t rather back a safe bet?

Luckily there are still plenty of individuals and publishers who will take the risk, and they don’t do it for the money – they do it for the love of a good book. Which is, coincidentally, the only real reason that keeps most writers writing anyway.

2 thoughts on “New writers, the publisher’s risk

  1. I was just wondering, have any of your works been published because i would love to read them. I would love to become a writer one day but I am affraid that I wont do well. Though all i hope for is that one of my pieces will be appreciated, even if only by one single person. So long as i have reached out to someone like many authors have unknowingly reached out to me.


    • Hi! Thank you very much. I know exactly what you mean, it’s that feeling of touching and being touched I’d love to be able to share too.

      I’ve had a couple of short stories publsihed here and there, but that’s all you’ll be able to find for the meantime. One day, if I’m lucky, maybe there will be more! You can see/listen to a couple online if you fancy it, you can get to them through the link on the top right of the main page – stories in places.

      Good luck with your writing 🙂


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