Borders is really closing down

While I never really shopped in Borders much, my most local shop being too far out of the way for a non-driver to comfortably visit, I’m still pretty saddened by this news. Borders is closing its doors, and there goes one of the UK’s biggest booksellers – here’s hoping that more aren’t to follow! What would I do with all the book vouchers I get for Christmas and birthdays for a start?!

6 thoughts on “Borders is really closing down

  1. I really enjoyed visiting Borders in Glasgow, although as I’m in Kirkcaldy I couldn’t go very often. It was such a great place for browsing and buying.



  2. I’m glad you mentioned the smell of books as I am addicted to book sniffing, it’s the first thing I do when I open a book. Some people think it is very strange. I love old/second-hand bookshops too, very different smell though.


  3. They would have to all be different from each other though, just like real books. I used to work in a library, opening the boxes of books straight from the publishers was like Christmas every day. I’ve had a few strange looks from people when I’ve been spotted book sniffing!


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