Formula for a book club fave? Not quite

The creator of the Richard and Jody book club gave the Times her top tips for writing a book club favourite today. Quite interesting, if generally depressing, stuff. I don’t even know why it depresses me. There’s nothing wrong with book clubs per se, in fact I technically think they are awesome in a get-people-excited-about-reading kind of way.

I reckon Amanda Ross does give a pretty good list of things to avoid, however. I just like the idea that most intelligent writers would already be certain not to write memoirs about nothing or hideous copies of popular past titles.

Anyway, maybe I’m just prejudiced against book clubs because the only time I went to one, we did Yes Man by Danny Wallace and it made me want to be sick every few pages. I ain’t no Yes Man. If anything, I’m more of a No Girl.

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