Readers ditch celebrity memoirs

Out of all the books out there that just don’t float my boat, celebrity memoirs have got to be my least favourite. I could moan about them all day for reasons ranging from my disgust at the idea that such drivel as Jordan’s efforts could end up sitting beside genuine memoirs to the fear that celebrity trash could influence the publishing future of the country.

However, for me, the surprising news that Waterstones managing director Gerry Johnson has been pushed from his post was over shadowed by the stats showing a slump in celebrity memoir sales. I just hope that people give up on these flimsy money making exercises and turn to well crafted books instead. The thought they just won’t read anything is too depressing.

Hopefully Waterstones can find a way to tempt people back through their doors. Hearing about all the independent bookshops closing is bad enough let alone having to see Waterstones go the same way as Borders.

7 thoughts on “Readers ditch celebrity memoirs

  1. Hi Lynsey May! Couldn’t agree more about ‘celebrity’ memoirs. Those ‘Loose Women’ spring to mind. It seems to me that every week one of them is bringing out a book…. I find it incredible that every one of these women (who are supposed to be so ordinary) would have enough to fill a book – let alone be talented writers. Perhaps I am wrong, but would the average housewife who apparently loves the chit chat of these women and lets them into their house (via afternoon TV) be interested in their reiterations? Can there possibly be any ‘secrets’ that they havn’t already exposed? If I want to read a memoir (and it’s rarely) I would opt for someone really famous like a Hollywood star – someone who has actually lived! Kind Regards Lynda


    • Hi Lynda, Wow, I had no idea those women all had books in the pipeline – how depressing! Like you say, what could they possibly have to say that hasn’t been chewed over on their horrible show already? That programme makes my skin crawl, reading a book in the same vein holds no appeal in the slightest.

      When considering memoirs I’d join you and either go for a Hollywood legend, or someone at the forefront of any art form, or someone who has had a truly exceptional life. If someone wants to share ordinary with me, it had better be through the medium of some pretty dazzling fiction 

      Cheers! Lynsey


  2. McGiffin has done one with Mike Leigh, Lynda Bellingham has one out, Coleen Nolan, Denise Welch is writing one, Jane Macdonald has done one, Sherrie Hewson has wrote a crime thriller. It’s ironical that Andrea Mclean who was a travel writer and trained as a journalist and Jackie Brambles a television journalist haven’t (to the best of my knowledge) done it…no doubt they will. I’m not keen on the programme myself, although its gaining popularity in leaps and bounds, I have really gone off it. I think that this is due me getting sick and tired of looking at their faces in every magazine. Oversaturation methinks……. You can lead a horse to water – but you can’t make this horse drink! lol


    • wow – that’s quite some outpouring from those ladies.

      On a slightly related note, I can’t help wondering how often they end up coverign the same topics on that show – everytime I’ve come across it they seem to be dicussing the same thing in a very slightly different way…



  3. Let me guess what the topics are….my husbands dirty habits, my huge chest, what I’m starring in next and how drunk I got last night? lol! Nice work if you can get it eh and they call it ‘work’ Jealous? you bet!


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