Boys and girls in reading wars

Nice to hear today that boys read as much as girls according to new research from the University of Dundee’s school of education. The study also found that – at the moment – boys tend to choose simpler books than girls, something that instantly got me interested.

Basically, boys seem to going for texts that are easier, while girls are looking to more difficult levels for their reading pleasure. The biggest gap amid the sexes appears between 13 and 16, when the girls surveyed start devouring Twilight and boys are delving into The Dark Never Hides – illustrated fantasy novels aimed at reluctant teens and young adults who don’t find reading easy.

What’s really interesting in my opinion, is the fact that the findings are the exact opposite of a similar study that took place two years ago. Back then it was the boys who were choosing the more difficult books.

This makes it seem as though the reading levels of the UKs children it’s down to the authors and publishers – if there are new books out there capturing young people’s imaginations they will push themselves to try harder. If not, they won’t. That’s a lot of responsibility for everyone involved in the YA market right there!

One thought on “Boys and girls in reading wars

  1. It’s like we always knew – girls love a challenge – that’s why they marry men! the Young Adult market is probably a lucrative one though – plenty of potential there, and also responsibility.
    I did buy my husband ‘The Boys Book of How to be the Best of everything’ two Christmas’s ago. He’s still reading it.


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