If I scratch your back, you’ll sneeze on mine won’t you?

It’s not true, what they say about me hating people, I love, love, love people. I just sometimes have trouble with them being real life and, well, in my life I guess.

Other people are the whole point of it all really aren’t they? And yet, when I’m forced to interact with other people and there are little crazy fictional people hammering at my brain and demanding attention, I’m bad at working it out so everyone it happy. Not that the fictional people have the actual capacity to be happy or not of course. So really it’s just me making myself happy by being antisocial as all hell. Except it doesn’t exactly make me happy because when I don’t see other people I miss them. So what is it I’m actually moaning about? Who knows, maybe I’ll just ask some other people.

Anyway, why have I yet again returned to writing about the weird divided feeling of wanting to connect and disconnect from people at the same time? Well, my new plan for getting through the seemingly never-ending list of writing tasks, revisions and stories I keep lining up for myself – without missing out too much of the time I want to be spending with those other people I love – is to start getting up and hour and a half early so I can write in the dawn. It’s something I hear a lot of people do when they need to fit their writing time around their other life, so I’m going to join them for a few weeks to see how it goes.

Also, way back in October I wrote a post about my workspace and promised myself I would clean up and see if it improved my work ethic. Today’s photo evidence indicates that I failed. In fact, I think my desk looks worse than ever.

On the bright side, I wouldn’t say I’ve been slacking since then. I’ve been busy in other, non tidying, departments so that’ll have to do – you can’t have everything right? Hopefully my new routine will inspire more work and maybe even a little more tidiness. Oh, and less hate obviously.

2 thoughts on “If I scratch your back, you’ll sneeze on mine won’t you?

  1. If you’re getting up 90 minutes before you have to I am glad I don’t work with you any more.

    😉 good luck Zeeb – I hope it goes well for you 😀


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