Early writing starts beget early evening naps

writing and sleepingI decided to start getting up early so that I'd have more time to write when no one else was around – it hasn’t been a massive success so far, but I won’t give up on it yet.

If I can avoid this, the early starts will be worth it. I don’t have a scanner so this pic is a little fuzzy… hmm, I really should have spent the time writing rather than drawing that huh? Nevermind!

8 thoughts on “Early writing starts beget early evening naps

  1. Keep at it!!! It’ll take a little time to become a routine but you can totally do it! And if it fails…maybe you should just start drawing more…. πŸ™‚


  2. I’m not making any promises about the weekend! Although, I know that if I sleep in late I’ll bugger the routine. Maybe I’ll just get up early on Saturday and annoy everyone else.


  3. Never mind Lyndsey, sometimes doodling can unlock a writers block. They do say that writers are at their best in the mornings though, so it makes sense to try to stick to this routine I suppose. A lot of the famous ones did loads before breakfast. Dickens, being awkward used to walk the streets all night… he must have been shattered in the mornings!


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