It takes time to be brilliant

Who hasn’t been told that practice makes perfect? It’s a lie if ever I heard one, but you can’t deny that practice generally does make you, and the results, better. Sometimes, the only thing that keeps me writing at all is the hope that if I keep at it I won’t be able to help improving

I need to hang on to that thought, and that’s why I was chuffed to find a review of David Shenk’s book The Genius in All of Us in the NYT. I’m not sure about all of his theorising, but I’m sure pleased with the idea that our problem is not tapping into latent talent rather than most people just not having anyway. That means there might be hope yet, if I can just focus hard enough to… oh look, a squirrel.

7 thoughts on “It takes time to be brilliant

  1. Why is it always the talented ones who doubt their talent? 🙂 I can’t imagine you being without any; I love reading everything you write… But I know how tough it can get to keep our eyes on the road sometime, a novel is not something that can be done in a week and it’s hard to keep on working at one project for months, if not years… I really do hope he’s right, that there is hope after all… If I can just focus hard enough to… oh, look, Glee is on! 🙂


    • Aw Lua, that’s such a sweet comment. Yah, as much as I enjoy writing looong things, it can be ahrd to keep faith when you’ve been working on it for ages and the end is still far from sight. We’ll get there though huh? 🙂

      Ag Glee, I reckon i’m going to like that show but haven’t watched it yet, you recommend?


  2. Lindsey I value your opinion on writing matters and have something to discuss with you about a writing project. Is there an email I can contact you at?


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