Status update: I can’t feel my brain

Soooo, I’ve done 57 out of the 70 pieces of freelance work I agreed to do between the 8th and 26th of this month. Did I say I’d do these because I had a holiday from my 9-5.30 job? Nope. Did I agree to these because there was nothing else major going on in my life, such as moving flat? Nope. Did I say ‘hell yeah’ because I wasn’t doing any creative writing anyway? Nope.

So why exactly did I say yes? Because I’m greedy for the money I’m afraid. But come Monday night it’ll be done and I can stop constantly writing tripe I’m getting paid for and get back to spending the evenings and mornings writing slightly more artful tripe I only very occasionally get paid for 😛

On the bright side, I argued successfully that I should be considered for a wee promotion at work and got some nice writing news this week – so maybe working like a slave really does pay off. Maybe.

8 thoughts on “Status update: I can’t feel my brain

  1. You’re my hero! 🙂 I know your head must hurt like a bad hangover but trust me, a promotion & some good money are worth doing all this and it’ll be over soon.
    As long as there is the word “writing” in whatever it is you’re doing, you’re good to go 😉


    • Awwww thanks. You’re right, it’ll be worth it! And I guess it is ok to have writer in your job title – and have the lame-o business card to prove it! – even if it’s not quite the job you’re dreaming of 🙂


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