Keeping books physical?

Every time I browse book or publishing news feeds these days, I’m guaranteed to find countless posts on the ‘advent of the eBook’, the ‘death of the real book’ or the ‘end of publishing as we know it’, and it’s all very interesting, and obviously it does look as though the way we are all absorbing information is changing and the chances are that we are moving closer to digital models for a lot of the information we consume. What will it mean for books and writers?

It’s probably not even worth me speculating. But I did find it quite funny to see these two headlines side by side on Google News today.

As Google enters the eBook fray, much to the (dare I say slightly hysterical) interest of journalists, so we are reminded of the physical value of a popular book.

Humans are funny creatures, but no matter what changes are to befall our favourite forms of entertainment , I reckon we’re still quite far away from killing off out hunter collector genes. Taking a look around my house and it’s multiple bookcases, I sure am anyway.

2 thoughts on “Keeping books physical?

  1. I think with any kind of advance in technology when it comes to the written word that the “death of the book” is a topic. Sure, there might be a lot of folks opting for an e-book, but I don’t think a book will ever truly die.

    I’m not much of an e-book person…I like having the book in my hands. I can thumb through it, make notes in it (if it’s for school), and even smell the pages. I know I’ll never stop buying books, but I can certainly see why some would be worried.


    • I’m totally with you, there’s something so evocative about the smell of a book. it’s mildly addictive isn’t it. Let’s hope books do stick around for a long time yet


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