Office escape, training and charity balls – what a week

I’m escaping the office for the rest of the week! True, I’ll be flying to London and spending two full days in training, only getting home late on Friday night. But the training should be good and the biggest bonus is the fact that I will also be attending the Butterfly Ball for charity Caudwell Children on Thursday night.

It’s gonna be a bit of a whirlwind end to the week, but I’m sure it’ll be a good one and, hey, it’s all inspiration right? Even toe tapping to pop stars you’ve never liked, I mean, I’m gonna be able to use that somehow surely.

Anyways, I guess I’m facing the running around of the next few days with a slightly lighter heart than of late. Mainly for two reasons: one, Ink and I were throwing around ideas last night and it felt good and two, an editor was happy with the changes I made to a short story for him. That’s pretty much all I need to put a spring in my step. That and a few cups of coffee at any rate.

4 thoughts on “Office escape, training and charity balls – what a week

  1. I love how we feel like everything we do – even the stuff we really don’t want to do, is going to be useful one day! 🙂 It’s all inspiration!
    I’m feeling kind of off lately- I think I need to start throwing some ideas around…
    Have fun in London!


    • thanks Lua! London was pretty amazing, I’ll blog about it when I have some enegry back.

      Sometimes i think I wouldn’t managed to stay motivated for half the things I do if I didn’t promise myself I’d write about them sometime 😉


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