Kids more likely to have mobiles than books? Boo!

That’s it, I’m going to have to go on a book buying mission (oh, terrible I know – how much I hate shopping for books). Unfortunately – or fortunately if you’re one of the people who helps me move form flat to flat on a regular basis – I won’t be buying books for myself, I’ll be buying them to give to all of the children I know.

So what’s brought this on? Not my general love for my friend’s sprogs I have to admit, more the total fear elicited by the report claiming that kids are more likely to have a phone than a book. Pushing the idea of parents reading to children and giving them the chance to explore reading themselves is one of my hobby horses I guess, I feel like I can’t shut up about it sometimes, but it was such a great part of growing up for me I can’t help but want to hang on to it.

One thing is for sure though, if kids do end up being part of my future, they will grow up in a very bookish home. Especially if Ink has anything to do with it – I think we could build one damn awesome fort out of our combined collections of books and comics.

2 thoughts on “Kids more likely to have mobiles than books? Boo!

  1. What an amazing hobby you have, “Reading to children and letting them read themselves”! 🙂
    Unfortunately, reading is definitely not a popular activity over here, not even amongst adults let alone children. It’s pretty difficult for kids to learn &like books when there is no one at home who enjoys reading… Guess your future kids will be very lucky! 😉


    • haha, on such a hobby horse I couldn’t even form a proper sentence! Yeah, that makes me really sad, but I’d love to think that even parents who didn’t enjoy reading themselves would be able ot see the benfit of reading to their kids! cheers 🙂


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