Where does all the talent go?

I’m not trying to sound wanky here or anything, but I know some massively talented people. And that’s amazing, I love knowing that the majority of my friends are passionate and dedicated and spend a lot of time honing their various talents. What I really hate though, is that fact that so many of these people’s efforts are not out there for the world to see and enjoy.

There’s so much noise online, so many rules for competitions, so few chances to get published or signed, that lots of them are just toiling away on their own, unrecognised and depressed at spending so much time perfecting something that may never get out there.

I feel bad about it, I want to do something about it, but I don’t really know what. The only solution I can think of is trying to set up a platform for them to publish, distribute, display their various works – but I can’t help feeling like there are a few too many of such platforms anyway.

Also, it would take a serious amount of time to make any impact on an already quite saturated market, and I want to be writing in my spare time – not project managing. Then again, if I’ve learned anything in the day job – maybe it’s time to apply it to something I care about because I hate the thought of all that talent going to waste.

5 thoughts on “Where does all the talent go?

  1. I know how you feel; it’s so frustrating to witness all those extremely talented people working so hard to get recognized but fail because the market is too difficult to break in…
    I have no idea what could be done in terms of using the internet but I’m hoping more of those platforms can be created within the academy here in Istanbul so students can have the opportunity to develop their talents before they start worrying about their day jobs…


    • yeah, that sounds like an excellent idea – boy do day jobs drag you down!

      I wish I knew what the answer was, but I think it needs someone with a lot more brain power than me to figure something out 🙂


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