New Chapbook – It Starts So Sweetly

cover for It Starts So Sweetly Lynsey MayToday I’m happy that my shiny wee chapbook – It Starts So Sweetly – and made by the lovely folks at Forest Publications is up on their site.

We had to pull it together very quickly due to an unexpected gap in the schedule (which I was happy about as it bumped my date forward by a few months), and luckily I had the stories all ready and waiting anyway.

Ink did the cover art and title pages, and it was really nice to complete a project together. We were reminded about my lack of stamina when it comes to design though – and my tendency to make rash decisions when I get bored enough – but all worked out well.

This morning I got up at six so I could do a variety of chores before starting the day job. Whee, I am looking forward to having a holiday! Only nine days to go, not that I’m counting . . .

4 thoughts on “New Chapbook – It Starts So Sweetly

  1. My favourite was A Taste – actually my favourite was the signed page in the middle – but my favourite story was A Taste. I was worried after the second that it was getting a bit rude for me, but then you made it not at all rude and I felt sad and silly – one because of you, one because of me.

    What are the hands doing on the individual title pages? I can kind of see them but they’re not very clear. I hope they’re exciting secrets.

    Can’t wait to see your big book!


    • Aw, thanks Ols. Glad it wasn’t too smutty for you 😉

      The hands are doing all kinds of things and they are secrets but maybe I will tell you one day! Sorry I’ve been missing you all over the place. You are one of the leavers I miss most of all!


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