The rise and rise of celebrity kid’s books

Ok, so if I was a celebrity (haha, yeah as if) and someone offered me the opportunity to write a kid’s book, I’m sure I’d jump on it. But I’d like to think I’d spend plenty of time researching, reading and working on it – not to mention the five years studying English and writing at university I’ve already enjoyed, of course. Do I think that’s the case for most book-happy celebs? Not really.

I’m not saying all stars are lacking in the qualifications it takes to pen a worthy kids tale. In fact, I’m sure plenty of them are. But the whole thing rubs me up the wrong way – much like pointless celebrity memoirs do.

Today the Beeb asked if celebrity kids books are any good, and there were plenty of folks arguing that, in general, they aren’t really. I don’t know why this would be surprising – I honestly can’t fathom a reason for anyone thinking former glamour model Katie Price would be a genius when she hit the books, Thanks goodness for ghostwriters eh? Not that they always help.

The BBC’s table, reproduced from Nielsen Bookscan does make me laugh though – what on earth does this say about the UK?

2 thoughts on “The rise and rise of celebrity kid’s books

    • You know, I think it must refer to that Kay Thompson. I certainly can’t find another one who’d qualify for a place on the list. I have to say, I’ve never read the Eloise books but I’m intrigued now.

      I also feel like I have to clarify – I’m all for artists diversifying in general. It’s when people like Peter Andre and Katie Price think they are qualified to write kid’s books I have to wonder.


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