How not to wait patiently

I am an impatient person. A very, very impatient person.

I always want answers immediately and therefore spend far too much of my life staring at email inboxes or holding mobile phones willing the messages I’m waiting for to appear.

If only you could make things happen more quickly by desire alone, I’d fly through the world at breakneck speed. Instead, the only thing that increases is my frustration levels, and never has this been more apparent than when trying to buy a flat.

I think I might explode. Everything takes so long, and the stakes are so high – waiting for rejection letters is nothing compared to this. Anyone got any good tips for, you know, being less impatient?

4 thoughts on “How not to wait patiently

  1. Sorry…I can’t help you. I’m a hopeless case when it comes to patience. (My children could tell you – I’ve got none).

    The best I can do is suggest distraction. (For instance, I have to carry a magazine or book with me so if I’m stuck in line somewhere, I can read instead of getting upset with my wasted time.)

    If that doesn’t work, the previously suggested alcoholic beverages should do fine πŸ™‚


    • Maaaybe, being patient is overrated – what do you say?

      Oh I so have to do that with books too – just in case there’s a spare five minutes somewhere that needs filled productively.

      A another excuse for cracking open the wine, excellent πŸ™‚


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