A change is as good as a rest

It’s a nice saying, and it has some merit, but as someone who worked two jobs for a good chunk of time, I can safely say the novelty wears off pretty quickly. Everyone needs some down time and maybe a few of the good distractions I was on about earlier in the week thrown in for good measure. No relaxation time at all and you definitely start getting strange (right Dave?).

drawing of an old manBut sometimes it isn’t so easy to let yourself rest and that’s when a secondary goal comes in handy. The last few months haven’t been the best for writing, mainly as I’m too fractious about the whole flat thing, so I’ve been drawing a little instead. It’s good because I feel like I’m keeping some kind of creative hand in, but I don’t feel the same need to be good – or even constantly improving.

This is a pic I did the other week – which Ink kindly put a little colour in for me – and I could feel myself relaxing loads the whole time I was drawing it so i think it probably doesn’t count as procrastination, right? Right?

6 thoughts on “A change is as good as a rest

    • Aw thanks. I’m afraid I can’t take credit for the banner though, my friend Candice Purwin who is awesome did it for me.

      It really helps when you’re stuck on a certain scene or story don’t you think? But when the story is going badly and then the drawing sucks too, well, those are annoying days!


      • Oh yeah, it helps, often in totally roundabout ways. You mean those days when you can’t write or draw? Yeah, those drive me crazy. I have to workout or rake leaves or something, just to remind myself I can do something semi-right.


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