Reading in the mobile world

I love my books. Love paper, love the feel, love the smell, love it when they get all bashed up at the corners and you find scraps of paper, receipts and bookmarks between the re-read pages, just love everything about them. So obviously, the whole ebook thing didn’t much fill me with joy the first time I heard about it, way back when. However, I have to admit that my attitude has been slowly changing.

Some good news (more on that soon) encouraged me to paddle my toes in mobile reading, and I have to say it’s gone down well so far. One iPhone App called Ether later and I was speedily downloading short stories by the dozen to give it a try.

After some stressful Christmas shopping and a few unexpected bouts of sitting around in unusual places, I’ve decided that having short stories on my phone is awesome. I’m not sure about novels or other long pieces of work, as you can only fit some many words on a small screen in one go, and I’m still going to be carrying a paperback around with me most days, but I love the idea I can still have my back-up fiction dose on me – even when I’m in party clothes and I’ve had to leave the big old bag I normally drag around with me at home.

2 thoughts on “Reading in the mobile world

  1. Great post! I love paper books too, but grow weary of people pouring scorn on ebooks … they won’t replace real books, just complement them. Think of all the guilty-pleasure reads you could discreetly enjoy in public with an e-reader! 😉


    • For sure! They can be complementary forms definitely, I don’t think the book is going the way of the record just yet. In fact, I was only just reading an article in the NYT (I think) about the huge boom in e versions of romance novels. I read a lot of books I was ashamed of in my teens, an e-reader would have come in real handy then!


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