Portrait of a busy girl

It’s been another busy week in the land of Lynsey, what with trips to London and nasty work deadlines, so I haven’t done any of the things I should have. Nothing has been packed yet, not one story has been revised since last weekend and I’ve barely written anything new all week. So what did I do last night when I got back into town? Doodled instead, typical! I have to say though, after re-discovering charcoal a wee while ago I’ve remembered how much I like drawing.

Lynsey May self portrait charcoal

As you can see, this is not the most finished of pictures and I had to take a photo rather than a scan, but still, I’d say this portrait is a good example of my grumpiness levels when I’ve not had enough time for reading, writing or seeing my most lovely friends. I’m not really sulking though, I’m still too happy about the way various things are working out at the moment. Also, I have a massive stack of new books and comics to read this weekend – yay!

5 thoughts on “Portrait of a busy girl

  1. Great portrait.

    It’s funny how we can be sulking, but not really sulking because secretly, we have some very juicey, exciting things going on in our lives. It’s just at that moment, we are not in our ‘place’ to enjoy those things to the fullest. But deep down, we know we are enjoying them, just not projecting that joy.



    • It’s great to be able to do something kind of creative when your brain just doesn’t want to write anymore , but I have to admit I spend far more time faffing around online than I should overall!


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