Leith writers group – any takers?

This is possibly a little bit of a long shot, but having FINALLY sorted out somewhere to live I’m really keen to put writing back at the top of the agenda and the first long-neglected step is to see if I can get myself in a writers’ group.

the keys to my new flat!

Actually, scrap that, I’m tempted to try and be even more ambitious and start a new writers’ group. Although, if I found a suitable one nearby I’d probably be more than happy to abandon that plan and beg to be included. For the first few years after leaving uni I was in a nice wee group, we were all used to each other and some of the guys were uber talented but life got in the way – as it’s wont to do – and the majority of members moved country.

So now I’m looking for some fresh fiction writers to get working with. I don’t really think of myself as knowledgeable when it comes to poetry, so I’d probably be happier workshopping prose but aside from that I’m easy going!

Of course, if you’re a reader or friend and you live far away, I’d be more than happy to swap some crit/reading skills. I’ve got four years of Eng Lit, one MSc in creative writing and three years of copy editing experience behind me, and I’m not a meanie when it comes to constructive criticism – I promise. Leave me a comment or email me directly in you’re interested at all πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Leith writers group – any takers?

  1. I am so interested in joining a writer’s group and have avoided this impulse in the past as I’m shy with sharing. How would this work online? Have you a following since sending out query?

    I offer my blog as some background / capability. I have experience as editor-in-chief over seven years of four newsletters as well as other work.

    If you found only a couple of enthusiasts, would you still consider proceeding unless you joined one yourself?


    • Hi Tess – sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you!

      Online, I guess I’d be thinking about exchanging stories and setting a deadline for feedback. maybe meeting up on Skype chat or something to talk through the suggestions. A couple of people have mentioned they might be interested, and to be honest I’d probably prefer a small group as it’s easier to manage and get to know the tastes of the other people in it! Let me know if you think something like that might work out for you and I’ll find out what the other people who might be up for it think! Cheers


  2. Oh my goodness, a good writer’s group changes everything! My local writer’s group is one of the best things that ever happened to me creatively. Good luck finding a wonderful group! πŸ˜€


  3. Hi – I’d be up for it, if there’s any spare space. I am over in West Edin, which is not that far really, esp given the good buses.

    I did the MSc as well and have just finished a first novel, now tentatively starting a second, and am interested in meeting up with some real people again after writing in solitary confinement for months!



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