Empty rooms and potential plans

Lynsey May in her flat

Dancing for joy at the new flat

What a crazy week! I’ve finally made it into my new house but I can still barely believe it’s actually happened. We’ve been wandering around the rooms, making plans and thinking about all the potential each holds. One of the best things about it has to be the nice little study we’ll be sharing. How well the sharing part of it will work out remains to be seen, but the fact Ink and I will have some proper space to spread out and work in is awesome.

two dancing doves Lynsey May EtherVery little writing has been done recently, but I’ve been trying to edit as I go. Couple of rejections rolled in over the moving in period, but I’ve been so happy about the flat and the future opportunities for long nights reading, writing and relaxing they haven’t made much of a dent. Onwards and upwards and all that jazz. Also, I was probably buoyed by the fact my Two Dancing Doves story made it into the top five of the Ether bestseller list for a while over the rockiest patch.

Now I can’t wait to start unpacking the books, we just need to build the bookcases first!

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