Reviewed but not rested

lynsey may kapow

Me at Kapow pretending I like Dr Who

It’s been one jam-packed old weekend. Chumming Ink to London for Kapow was good fun, but less restful than I probably could have done with. On the bright side, we caught up with some pretty awesome and creative people – and I also managed to pick up some of those freckles that mean summer is near.

Even better, on the train to London I was checking Twitter on my phone (sorry Ink, I know I do that too often) and I saw that Scott Pack had reviewed my story for the Fiction Desk anthology as part of his reviewing-a-short-story-everyday-for-a-year project. A walloping couple of heartbeats later, and I was very relived to see it was a positive one. He said:

“This is a well observed piece of writing. Uncomfortable and unsettling.” Which is how I like to think of myself. Well, as a writer anyway, not in person obviously. This put a nice spin on the weekend for me, good thing seeing as opportunities to sleep or even sit down were few and far between.

Now I’m back, I’ve got a little catching up and a whole load of writing to do (maybe I should just take long train journeys for no reason, they seem to be good for inspiration). Maybe I just need to check my blog feed first though, everyone else seems to have been pretty busy this weekend too…

9 thoughts on “Reviewed but not rested

  1. Pretending to like Doctor Who? Hopefully Neil Gaiman’s episode will pull you over to the Who side!
    Well done on the good review though- its well deserved. Do you ever write on long train journies? I do Edinburgh-London a lot for work these days and I always have the laptop out for most of the journey. It can be a good, distraction free time…


    • Well, he’d be a strong contender if anyone would, but to be honest I just don’t think it’s going to happen. I’ve been talked into watching plenty of episodes over the years, and I’ve never enjoyed any of them. One of those things!

      Thanks 🙂 I would, but my work makes me fly. Not so good for writing and even buggers up my fountain pens. I agree that trains are good for writing, unless you have someone particularly awful sitting next to you.


  2. Awesome, awesome, and more awesome. Sometimes being tired is a perfectly acceptable trade for adventure. And I sympathize on the Dr. Who front. . . I’ve tried to like it and it always leaves me unimpressed.


    • Yay, cheers. And you’re right, being tired is well worth it. Also, if you get tired enough, everything takes on a surreal, dreamlike quality that can be quite interesting in itself!


    • I reckon a lot of adults who love it have good memories. I never watched it as a kid, so it has no nostalgia value for me – which I think makes me judge it far more harshly 🙂


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