I assumed that one day I’d grow up and be good at this stuff

Me as a wee 'un

Look at me. I thought it was all going to fall into my lap didn’t I? I should have known better.

There were plenty of things I assumed I would be good at, as soon as I hit some magic age.

Silly me.

Things I assumed I’d be good at by the time I was an adult:

  • Meeting new people
  • Paying bills on time and knowing what all the charges are for
  • Understanding taxes
  • Voting for the best political party
  • Exercising twice a week
  • Effortlessly maintaining a loving relationship
  • Writing

Things I am good at:

  • Getting embarrassed, even when new people are very nice
  • Paying bills blindly, assuming companies know what they are doing
  • Ignoring taxes
  • Voting for the party I think sound nicest
  • Swimming when the mood takes me
  • Forgetting why it’s important to pay attention to your relationship sometimes
  • Wishing I was better at writing

It seems these things do not come automatically with age.

It seems I will have to work hard on them if I want to improve.


8 thoughts on “I assumed that one day I’d grow up and be good at this stuff

  1. I prefer to think of it as “leveling up” at life. As soon as you figure out the basics (how to get the bills where they go on time) things get harder (figuring out what a “convenience fee” is and how, if I have to pay for it, is it convenient?) and so on.


  2. It’s the whole “the more you know, the less you know” thing, isn’t it? I always equate it to when I took flying lessons – the more hours I got under my belt, the worse my flying became. I couldn’t figure it out until my instructor explained it to me: at first, you only need the basics to get a pat on the back. Once you know the basics, you can then progress and get to grips with the more complex stuff. There’s always more to learn and to get better at. I suppose exactly what COTM said above. I remember once writing a letter to “Future Brett” with things I expected him to accomplish. Perhaps I should dig it out and see how far I’ve come!


    • Oh, a letter to your future self – I;d find that a terrifying thing to live up to I think.

      I love your flying anology, it makes perfect sense. the amount of stories I wrote when I was just starting out that I assumed were fine, just because I wasn’t knowledgable enough to see the flaws – yuck!

      Good thing there’s always more complicated syuf to keep us inetersted though, I guess!


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