Building a little workspace nest

Slowly, slowly, we are beginning to settle into our new home. For some reason, I’ve been feeling as though it’s taking far longer than normal, maybe because I know I won’t be moving out of this one again within the next month or so (unless something horrible I don’t want to even imagine happens) and so have been able to give it time to settle. Or maybe I’m just worried about messing up what it basically a flat full of potential.

Whatever the reason, I’ve finally managed to put it behind me a little and get a desk properly set up. At the moment, it’s still a little too plain and organised – you can see my past working conditions here! – but it’s getting there.

Lynsey May desk space, work space, writers desk

Hopefully I’ll get around to properly pimping it out soon, and I’m sure that when I do, I’ll enjoy every moment of it. There’s nothing like getting your own little space sorted out for making you feel warm and fuzzy, or I think so anyway.

Whether it’ll actually encourage any more work, well, that’s definitely another question.

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