Inky Fingers and Story Shop talk

August has always been one of my favourite months. I live in Edinburgh, how could it not be? Although, to be truthful, there have been plenty of times I’ve lost patience with the crowds, especially as I’ve had plenty of badly paid jobs in the centre of town over the years. Still, that’s just natural (for Lynsey’s) grouchiness and it’s normally banished with the help of some excellent comedy shows, talks and performances.

This year is looking to be even more exciting than most for me, as not only will I have a nice week off to run around seeing things, but I’ll also be doing a few readings myself.

First of all, on the 11th, I’ll be taking part in the Inky Fingers Minifest, with a lunchtime reading. I will do my best not to put anyone off their nachos, burritos and other tasty Forest fare.

I’m on in the Forest Café at 12.30, and looking forward to kicking off my holiday in style with a half hour slot.

Then, on the 14th I get to take part of the Edinburgh City of Literature Story Shop at the Edinburgh Book Festival. Having spent a couple of years helping out on the box office in the past, I am super excited about this.

Story shoppers are on every day at 4pm sharp, and we get to enjoy 15minutes of fame in the Spiegeltent at Charlotte’s Square.

Just to add to my excitement, both Inky Fingers and the City of Literature Salon (which I’ve been to a couple of times recently) have been featured as top literary picks by the Guardian. Ah Edinburgh, I do love you so!

7 thoughts on “Inky Fingers and Story Shop talk

  1. Great news! I had lofty ideas of participating in the Fringe one year by writing a kid’s play about the Viking Ragnarok, until reading a little about the logistics and costs made me depressed.

    The Fringe used to be an annual pilgrimage for me, and was the main reason I moved to Edinburgh after university. Yes, I will be missing Edinburgh this month 😥 (more than usual, which is sometimes quite a bit).


    • I was going to send you an e-mail saying how this month actually makes me a little sad to be away from Edinburgh, but I guess I can just do that through the medium of Lynsey instead. Apparently Stewart Lee sold out ages ago…


      • I miss you guys, Edinburgh misses you guys and the Festival definitely misses you guys. I didn’t get tickets to Stewart Lee, too slow, but am seeing Glenn Wool tonight, and he’s one of my favourites.

        Dave, you should do that, maybe we could use my flat as a venue, ha.

        You can make the pilgrimage another year, and it will be even better for a break I’m sure.


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