A day of words, words and more words

When it comes to writing, there are times when months and months go by and it feels as though nothing is happening, nothing will ever happen. And then there are times when suddenly, everything happens at once – this is one of those times.

I feel as though I’m at the centre of a veritable flurry of literary things, and I’m loving it.

Today I read some stories as part of the InkyFingers Mini Fest and when I got home, my inbox had three nice surprises for me – a bunch of my writing all went live on the same day!

At IdeasTap, I’ve an article about financing a writing career without feeling as though you’re sacrificing the ability to write.

There’s a wee flash piece bout a women under siege called Edith’s Voice over at The Pygmy Giant.

And Metazen also published Yonica’s Beautiful Things, which just happens to be one of the stories I also read aloud today.

Whew, if only every day was as literary! Although to be honest, I’m about ready to curl up with a good book now. Maybe until Sunday, when I am super excited to be reading as part of the Edinburgh City of Lit Story Shop at the Book Festival – whew!

2 thoughts on “A day of words, words and more words

  1. Linsey May, what a beautiful name. I had to come by and say how talented you are. I listened to you read and I just love that you could write so freely about life. I used to be a writer, I probably still am, it’s just that I don’t write. I believe you have inspired me. Will be coming back for visits to read more of your creativeness.

    I got here by your mom’s link from her blog. She is on the same design team I am. I am all the way over seas in Canada. Kindly, Peggy


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