No notebook: my new night terror

Anxiety dreams sneak into your sleep in all kinds of insidious forms. The ones I know I share with a lot of other people are those involving teeth and nails, gruesome little numbers that wake you up scrabbling and wishing and hoping you were wrong, those little body parts are still attached and safe. Luckily, you generally were, and your disasters were only a figment of your overtaxed imagination.

I’ve added a new one to my collection though, one I’m actually almost ashamed of. Rather than dreaming about a real disaster I have to fight my way through, I find myself in an unfamiliar city with time to kill as dusk draws in.

I look around and decide to sit and a café or a bar to while away the time as I wait to meet the mysterious reason for my visit to the city. But as I approach my destination I realise there is no notebook in my bag, no pen.

One of my trusty notebooks

Mildly worried, I start scanning the streets, looking for somewhere I can buy a fountain pen and a notebook. Cue a dash around, as doors are shut in my face and shops show me to their scanty stationary sections. I never get my hands on a notebook in this dream, and I always wake up a bit pissed off rather than with sweaty palms and a hurried heartbeat, but it does make me feel a bit pretentious. Thanks subconscious, for adding such a wanky anxiety dream to my repertoire.

4 thoughts on “No notebook: my new night terror

  1. I think I know what you mean about feeling pissed off rather than scared. What I wouldn’t give for a good old, classic, poo-you-pants-terrifying nightmare like I had when I was a kid. Walking down stairs into the darkness or not being able to look away from a grotesque statue, suddenly gripped by inexplicable and total dread. Those brats in the Nightmare on Elm Street films don’t know how lucky they are.


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