Bad morning habits of a freelance writer

    1. Check emails before getting out of bed or even opening eyes properly.

    2. Close eyes again in a huff when emails are all spam related/have a little cry when they contain rejections.

    3. Tell self you will work on your novel/short stories/sonnets before anything else, instantly check work emails.

    4. Spend four hours writing about insurance/pets/holidays to earn a small amount of money.

    5. Take frequent coffee breaks but forget to eat proper breakfast.

    6. Get around to opening your creative files.

    7. Stare at them in despair.

    8. Realise you missed breakfast and eat whatever unsuitable handful of biscuits you can scrounge.

    9. Return to computer and find yourself writing about insurance/pets/holidays again.

    10. Decide you need a change of scenery. Comfort yourself for your lack of creative work with a large cake in your favourite café. Tell self it’s too late in the day to start writing your opus anyway, better to get a fresh start the next morning.

10 thoughts on “Bad morning habits of a freelance writer

  1. Yup, that’s pretty accurate! Reckon we need a breakfast club for writers. Then at least we might get that bit right! How about poached egg on toast which has been spread with both butter and Bovril? Or mushroom omelette? Turkey rashers and grilled tomatoes. Pancakes with lemon and sugar.


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