The art of procrastination

Have taken my levels of procrastination to a whole new level by drawing and (badly) colouring in a map of the fictional towns, complete with important buildings, that I’m writing about.

May need someone to save me from myself. Tell me I’m not the only one?

2 thoughts on “The art of procrastination

  1. You’re not. I’ve not done this yet but Vanessa Gebbie did something like it when writing her book A Coward’s Tale, to make sure she got her version of the village straight Only when Bloomsbury pick you up they get a designer to redraw the maps so they end up a bit lovelier.

    ….Not that yours is not lovely 🙂


    • Thanks Lane, that’s exactly what I hoped to hear!

      The thought of someone redrawing a prettier one is the stuff of dreams (unless it’s one of my friends I’ve forced into it without a book deal in sight!).


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