Writing thing that wasn’t exactly a holiday

The "holiday" desk

You know what I did the other week? I went on holiday on my own or the very first time. Well, I say holiday, but really I mean ‘time spent writing, reading or having a second bath of the day telling myself I should be writing’. It was lovely.

It’s one of those things I’ve always wanted to do but always been too scared to. What if you pay stupid money for a week to yourself and write NOTHING? See, scary biscuits. But hey, if now isn’t the time to try out stuff like that (what with the freelancing and all) I don’t know when is.

Turns out, I did do a bunch of writing, but I think it helped that I spent the time working on something that was already quite substantial. Having to come up with new stuff out of the blue in a relatively short space of time might have been a bit daunting.

For that, I think I’d prefer a communal environment, rather rattling round on my own for a week (how happy am I that I stayed sane despite only having one conversation for the whole time I was away?). So next on the list? Arvon I reckon, anyone been on one? Did you love it?

8 thoughts on “Writing thing that wasn’t exactly a holiday

    • That does sound excellent, I must start saving up!

      I think that’s the perfect time to do it, I timed the trip to coincide with the last 15% of a first draft and it really helped.


  1. Lynsey, that sounds like such a great thing to do! I keep talking about how i’d love to go on a writers retreat to get away from all the distractions and just focus. Might give it a go, but I wonder (like you said) if it would be good to go with a bunch of people. Though, there’s the risk we would just sit and drink and talk about writing instead 😉


    • There is that risk, especially if there’s wine involved. That said, i don’t think I mentioned in the post that I read, like, eight novels while I was away, so it’s not as though I went pedal to the metal, and I still felt like I got a lot done! I very much recommend the whole experience.


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