A book that’s like coming home

A while ago, I had a moan on Facebook about how difficult I was finding it to get hold of a book I loved when I was a kid. The Reluctant Vampire by Eric Morecambe snared my imagination when I was still young enough to try and turn my bunk beds into a coffin with the help of a spider-webbed sheet scavenged from the garage and I’ve never forgotten it since.Reluctant

I didn’t have my own copy, I borrowed it from the library over and over again (thanks Portobello Library for letting me!). I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this book for a long time but hoping I could find it without having to pay six times its cover price. I’ve been keeping an eye open but hadn’t thought about it for quite a while when a package came through my door last week.

My friend Jason spotted a well-loved copy of this very book and bought it for me. Then shipped it all the way from NYC without telling me what he was doing. I ripped open the envelope feeling mild curiosity that was quickly replaced by a big bubble of elation.

I jumped up, had a little dance to myself, ran through to show Fin then sat back down and reacquainted myself with this little book that has somehow become a big part of the story of growing up. It was bloody brilliant.

4 thoughts on “A book that’s like coming home

  1. Something really satisfying about this story. Great friend to have – Jason. Do you find the same magic in becoming reacquainted with your old friend, The Reluctant Vampire?


    • Ah, nice to hear you know that feeling of satisfaction! It’s been lovely, I’d even forgotten that the book is illustrated. Such a nice surprise and full points to Jason for being a good pal.


  2. A lot of childhood nostalgia can be annoyingly easy these days, with YouTube compilations of 80s cartoon intros spoiling the memories. It’s great that you managed to find a niche treasure!

    I once spent a whole evening trying to confirm the existence of a psychedelic 1980s/90s Sooty annual, to no avail. It freaked me out a bit when I was a kid, I’m sure it was originally written as something else before they did find and replace with ‘Sooty’ at the last minute, none of the other familiar characters from the show were even in it and they turned into chocolate bunnies at one point or something. Maybe some things deserve to be lost.


    • Treasure it totally the right word, I’m so chuffed to have it. Hurrah for books.

      Hmm, maybe it’s best that if this Sooty clip you speak of did exist, it has ceased to do so now.


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